Seal 'n Send Wedding Invitations

Seal and Sends are all-in-one wedding invitations with a removable response card.
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Filigree Frame
Filigree FrameA filigree design is shown throughout this seal 'n send invitation.$145.90 per 100
Stunning Snowflakes
Stunning SnowflakesLavishly designed snowflakes create the background to your wording on this bright white, seal-n-send invitation.$149.90 per 100
Vintage Woodgrain Love
Vintage Woodgrain LoveIt's so easy (and affordable) to show off your rustic wedding style. This woodgrain wedding invitation is a seal 'n send - you just fold up, seal and send it off to your favorite people!$172.90 per 100
Lovely Day
Lovely Day The big day is almost here, and it will be lovely! Invite guests to it with this colorful floral seal 'n send invitation.$172.90 per 100
All Aswirl
All Aswirl Traditional gets modern in the calligraphy swirls around your monogram. You get to choose the colors for this seal 'n send wedding invitation.$172.90 per 100
Bronze Maple
Bronze Maple Shimmery bronze maple leaves are shown on this seal 'n send invitation.$179.90 per 100
Vintage Shimmer
Vintage Shimmer Vintage design with your choice of color make this affordable seal 'n send invitation all about your style.$180.90 per 100
Shining Pearls
Shining PearlsShiny pearls give this seal 'n send invitation an elegant look.$204.90 per 100
Shimmering Lights
Shimmering LightsShimmery lights shine throughout this shimmery seal 'n send invitation.$224.90 per 100
Luxurious Lace
Luxurious LaceA lacy floral design is shown on this seal 'n send invitation.$239.90 per 100

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