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Brides are choosing more and more bold wedding invitations in colors like Blue, Brown, Green, Coral, Pink, Aqua, Azure Blue, Sage, Gold, Orange, Purple / Lilac / Lavender, Rose, Black, Fuschia, Yellow, Ivory, Ecru, etc.
See some of the modern wedding invitations we offer.
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Classic Tradition
Classic TraditionYour invitation will portray the classic tradition that comes with this single panel soft white card.$92.90 per 100
EmbellishedAn embossed flourish and a pretty ribbon are the perfect embellishments! The embossed, gold shimmer wrap surrounds an ecru inside card printed with wording as shown.$389.00 per 100
Gentle Borders
Gentle BordersThis double panel invitation comes as a folder with your invitation copy printed on the front.$89.90 per 100
Blooming Romance
Blooming RomanceWhite blooming flowers are set on a Champagne colored background.$196.90 per 100
Bright White Squares
Bright White SquaresA bright white, square invitation card features pearlized straight-line borders around your wording with a square-dot design border outlining the outer edge.$180.90 per 100
SculptedAn intricate sculpted look is towards the top of this white shimmer invitation card$254.00 per 100
Legend Invitation with Wrap Wedding
Legend Invitation with Wrap WeddingThis latte shimmer card is shown with an elegant sparkling wrap and a printed tab.$434.00 per 100
Exquisite Floral Window
Exquisite Floral WindowA delicate latte shimmer pocket, with an intricate floral die-cut at the bottom, holds a matching latte shimmer invitation and enclosure cards.$464.00 per 100
The Gift
The GiftA detailed round pearl design is centered on the front of this invitation with a black satin ribbon streaming through it.$385.00 per 100
Golden Splendor
Golden SplendorFeathery flourishes of gold and embossing adorn this ecru shimmer card when it is removed from the gold shimmer pocket.$374.90 per 100
Baroque Detail
Baroque DetailEcru shimmer, baroque, pocket wrap surrounds your invitation.$393.90 per 100
calla lilies
Ultimate Calla LiliesA white, gate-fold invitation features an embossed, pearl, calla lily design.$254.00 per 100
Ecru Pearlized Tapestry
Ecru Pearlized TapestryPearlized flowers adorn the front flap of this ecru invitation. Wrap a mocha or ecru satin ribbon around the front flap to complete the look.$220.90 per 100
Silver Vines
Silver VinesFlowing silver vines sweep across this white shimmer invitation and feature two love birds on a branch.$192.90 per 100
Vintage Floral Ecru
Vintage Floral EcruThis ecru invitation has features a pearl floral border.$174.90 per 100
beautiful floral swirl pocket invitation
Wrap SurpriseSurprise your guests with this wrap invitation! The unique wrap invitation will stun your guests with a beautiful floral swirl design accented with a satin bow to reveal your invitation inside.$293.90 per 100
In a Flourish Pocket
In a Flourish PocketA flourish design is on the outside of this black shimmer pocket. The design carries through to the inside with a white shimmer card with matching flourish at the top.$404.00 per 100
filigree white invitation
White SimplicityThis soft white invitation features a filigree design across the center, bordering your names. A satin ribbon ties everything together from top to bottom! This invitation is printed on paper that is Green Seal Certified, made of 100 percent post-consumer fibers and created without the use of chlorine compounds.$196.90 per 100
Black and Ecru Pocket
Black and Ecru PocketBlack and ecru are combined to form this striking pocket invitation. The ecru card will feature all of your wording with an elegant, filigree design sweeping across the top. Coordinating respond and reception cards will feature a similar design. "Respond" and "Reception" will always be printed for headings on enclosures.$246.90 per 100
calla lilies
Bridal LiliesIf calla lilies are your favorite, this invitation is a must. Your invitation wording will always be printed flush right. The respond card is a fold over. Very affordable, but yet, a great value.$75.90 per 100
Pewter Pocket
Pewter PocketA white shimmery card fits inside this pewter pocket with a background color of your choice$212.90 per 100
Damask Silhouette ValStyle
Damask Silhouette ValStyleValue style and save with this bright white invitation card with ebony background.$146.90 per 100
Raisin Flourish
Raisin FlourishA raisin pocket features your invitation and a place to put your enclosure cards.$350.00 per 100
heart shaped
Love Story InvitationShare your love story with this intricate cut out pocket invitation.$329.90 per 100
Rose Swirls
Rose SwirlsThis shimmery white invitation features a single rose.$162.90 per 100
Simple Touches
Simple TouchesThis bright white, folder invitation features a pearl embossed leaf design on the cover with a satin ribbon of your choice tied around the front cover. Your invitation wording is printed on the inside at the center with your names and event date peeking out the top and bottom. Matching enclosures feature the same pearl embossed leaf design on the side with your wording printed to the right. Enclosures are sold separately.$220.90 per 100
Fuchsia Floral Laser Cut in Cocoa
Fuchsia Floral Laser Cut in CocoaThis gold shimmer card features a fuchsia die-cut overlay.$330.90 per 100
Calla Lilies and Ribbons
Calla Lilies and RibbonsThis bright white invitation has embossed calla lilies displayed on two corners of the invitation.$89.90 per 100
Mod Invitation
Mod InvitationA modern floral design delivers a fun and festive show on this tea-length invitation.$188.90 per 100
Baroque Brilliance
Baroque BrillianceFrom the ecru shimmer pocket to the baroque patterned invitation, classic elegance is at its peak.$393.90 per 100
simple wedding invitation
Bordered in Bright WhiteThis bright white invitation card can be customized with your choice of typestyle, ink color and wedding day wording.$114.90 per 100
Deckled in Gold
Deckled in GoldThis ecru invitation with golden deckled edges will announce any occasion beautifully.$189.90 per 100
Classic Rose on Soft White
Classic Rose on Soft WhiteA soft white rose is embossed on this traditional side fold invitation. The ensemble features a matching respond card with your choice of black or mocha ink colors.$48.90 per 100
Classic Ecru
Classic EcruThis plain ecru invitation comes with your choice of an ink color and typestyle.$89.90 per 100
Calla Lilies
Borders of Calla LiliesIf calla lilies are your flowers of choice, then this invitation is just for you! The embossed calla lilies surround your wording in all their glory.$126.90 per 100
Jeweled Love
Jeweled LovePearl flourishes and metallic border make this invitation, simply stunning.$253.90 per 100
Silver Shimmer Filigree
Silver Shimmer FiligreeThis bright white card features a grey paisley design and is tied into the silver shimmer wrap with a satin ribbon.$389.90 per 100
Fall Branches
Fall BranchesA simple touch of autumn is displayed on this seal 'n send in the way of some branches with fall leaves still hanging on them.$119.90 per 100
Tea-length Mocha Shimmer
Tea-length Mocha ShimmerA tea-length, shimmer invitation in mocha sets a sophisticated tone for your special day! A mocha satin ribbon adds a touch of class tied at the center to help accent a debossed filigree design. Ecru enclosure cards are sold separately but feature the same unique shape as the invitation.$212.90 per 100
White Pocket Invite
White Shimmer PocketThis shimmering, white pocket invitation is perfect for any style wedding. $256.90 per 100
tea length invitation
Tied Together ForeverTie the knot with this cute, tea length wedding invitation. Choose from three ribbon colors: aqua, magenta or claret (shown) to make this invitation personally yours!$289.90 per 100
Forever Floral Invitation
Forever Floral This olive-colored invitation features a faint floral background with your wording printed on top. Add the final touch to this invitation with a pre-cut, mocha ribbon that wraps around the middle of the card. $188.90 per 100
Classic Double Border
Classic Double BorderThis bright white invitation features a classis double panel border.$114.90 per 100
Golden Style
Golden Style This golden invite features a golden wrap with a filigree design! The tea-length, ecru invitation card has the bride and groom's three initials and the wedding date printed on the right hand side with the rest of your wording placed on the left side under the wrap.$283.90 per 100
Rose Embrace
Rose EmbraceA ecru shimmer wrap with laser cut floral design secures your invitation.$293.90 per 100
Black and White Pocket invite
Black and White Pocket Black and white are combined to form this striking pocket invitation. The bright white card will feature all of your wording with an elegant, filigree design sweeping across the top. $246.90 per 100
Shimmer Vines
Shimmer VinesCreate a layered invitation with this bright white card tucked inside an elegant, pearl, shimmer pocket wrap tied with a white satin ribbon.$278.90 per 100
The Little Ecru Folder Wedding
The Little Ecru Folder WeddingA classic single panel is featured on this creamy ecru panel folder.

By offering select options, the Simply Sensible line allows style and quality at an affordable price.
$38.90 per 100
traditional invitation
Tied with a BowHave a white wedding with this classic white invitation tied with a bow!$289.90 per 100
pearlized borders invitation
Enchanting BordersEnchanting, breath-taking, beautiful…just a few words to describe this invitation with elegant, embossed and pearlized borders. Your choice of monogram is placed at the top of the invitation adding an additional touch of class.$177.90 per 100
Invitation Wrapped in Mocha
Wrapped in MochaThe ecru invitation features your invitation wording and tucks neatly into a mocha pocket with flourish designs.$274.90 per 100
pearl embossed invitation
TimelessA timeless pearl embossed filigree band is featured on this bright white square card. Due to the unique size, extra postage will be required.$174.90 per 100
Silver Leaf and Pearl
Silver Leaf and PearlStylish silver leaves cascade this shimmery invitation.$174.90 per 100
Shining Pearls
Shining PearlsShiny pearls give this seal 'n send invitation an elegant look.$199.90 per 100
invitation boasts pearlized details
AdornmentA gorgeous, bright white invitation boasts pearlized details on the left while your choice of ribbon complements your wedding colors.$249.90 per 100
Lace Embrace
Lace EmbraceThis white shimmer invitation is covered with a lacey style border that reflects a beautiful charm.$210.90 per 100
Golden Style monogram wedding invitation
Golden StyleThis golden invite features a golden wrap with a filigree design! The tea-length, ecru invitation card has the bride and groom's three initials and the wedding date printed on the right hand side with the rest of your wording placed on the left side under the wrap. $279.90 per 100
ecru square card
Intricate BeautyIn a class by itself, this magnificent ecru square card has a band of refractive pearl filigree that adorns your invitation wording.$174.90 per 100
Border of Dots Wedding
Border of Dots WeddingFeature your invitation wording surrounded by embossed polka dots! This fun, yet elegant invitation is just the right mix of both.

By offering select options, the Simply Sensible line allows style and quality at an affordable price.
$48.90 per 100
Butterfly Wishes
Butterfly WishesGraceful, pearl-embossed butterflies pull apart to display your invitation wording. Please indicate names to be printed on the front. At the top of your enclosure is a matching pearlized butterfly.$166.90 per 100
Shimmering Swirls
Shimmering SwirlsMake a statement to your guests with these shimmering ecru invitations. The front features an abundance of debossed swirls with your names featured at the right.$192.90 per 100
Ecru Notched Corners
Ecru Notched CornersThis ecru card has fun notched corners.$149.90 per 100
wrapped in gold pocket invitation
Wrapped in GoldThis shimmering, ecru base card features a thin border with filigree designs on each side. The base card is wrapped up with a shimmering, gold pocket and sealed with a rectangular, shimmer seal.$246.90 per 100
embossed Rose
Classic RoseA soft white rose is embossed on this traditional folder.$92.90 per 100
rich mocha invites
Designed in MochaDark, rich mocha and timeless filigree accents create a look of distinction. Folded like a book, this invitation is tied together with a satin mocha ribbon.$302.90 per 100
GarnitureDesigns of elegance grace the outside of this invitation while the shimmering, cream-colored inside holds your wording. The middle section boasts plenty of room for your verse, while the bottom section can be used for a quote of your choice or custom wording. For that extra touch of elegance, your names will be printed at the bottom.$205.90 per 100
Magical For the couple in love and ready to say "I Do," this invitation card with magical filigree design is perfect!$188.90 per 100
deeply embossed calla lilies
Elegant Calla LiliesElegant, deeply embossed calla lilies, perennial flowers that stand for endurance and longevity, grace the border of this white folder.$98.90 per 100
Black Pocket
Black PocketA black pocket keeps all your wedding day details together. Elegant scroll designs are featured on the ecru invitation card and matching enclosures.$370.90 per 100
Majestic Evening
Majestic EveningThis black pocket invitation comes with a shimmery invitation along with enclosure cards that fit inside.$430.90 per 100
Moroccan Twilight  Layered Pocket Invitation Wedding
Moroccan Twilight Layered Pocket Invitation WeddingA moroccan paisley design is shown on this layered card enclosed with a pocket.$382.00 per 100
single-letter monogram
Sophisticated A sophisticated swirl design showcases a on this shimmer tea-length invitation.$178.90 per 100
black floral accented paper
Articulated in EbonyTruly sophisticated, this bright white invitation lays perfectly on top of a black floral accented paper. Tied together with a 7" black satin ribbon, this invitation will invite your guests with absolute splendor.$259.90 per 100
Delphinium This elegant, contemporary invitation features two lovebirds perched on an ivy vine.$231.90 per 100
Sheer Blossoms Amethyst Invitation
Sheer Blossoms Amethyst Invitation A white shimmer laser cut invitation with a translucent blossom wrap.$349.90 per 100
Mocha Stardream
Mocha Stardream Ecru foil wording is displayed on this elegant mocha invitation.$325.00 per 100
Fancy Detail
Fancy DetailThis shimmery invitation fits nicely on a sand colored blank base card.$289.90 per 100
Swirled in Silver
Swirled in Silver This bright white invitation has silver and shimmery swirls on the top and bottom of the card.$171.90 per 100
Wispy Flourish
Wispy Flourish This invitation has an intricate pearl design at the right and left. Your initial is bordered within the right for an added touch.$235.00 per 100
Distinct Silver
Distinct Silver Your monogram is printed between two silver stripes on this white card and slides into a silver wrap.$345.00 per 100
Thick Panel
Thick Panel This bright white invitation has a thick panel border outside of your wording.$102.90 per 100

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